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600x1200mm 54W LED Panel Light

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600*1200mm 54W LED Panel Lighting

- Thiết kế tản nhiệt hiệu suất tuyệt vời.
- UGR <19 bảng điều khiển ánh sáng dẫn.
- Hiệu quả chiếu sáng tuyệt vời 100lm / W.
- Cấu hình siêu mỏng: có thể được gắn trên bề mặt, lõm xuống trần nhà hoặc treo trên dây.
- Đèn bảng điều khiển của chúng tôi cung cấp các tập tin IES, LM-80 báo cáo thử nghiệm có sẵn led panelen.
- Sử dụng vật liệu nhôm nguyên chất tản nhiệt cao, hiệu suất nhiệt tốt, nhiệt độ thấp.
VMEC hiện là đại diện độc quyền tại Việt Nam nhập khẩu, cung cấp và phân phối sản phẩm LVT LED.

Thông tin chi tiết


  • Model No.LVT-PL60120-S54
  • Size:595x1195x10mm (600x1200x10mm)
  • Power: 54W
  • Luminous Flux:5400lm
  • Input Voltage:AC 100-277V (UL certification)         AC100-240V (CE certification)
  • LED Brand (Chips: Option-1):240pcs Korea Samsung 5630SMD LEDs
  • LED Brand (Chips: Option-2):Taiwan Epistar 264pcs 2835SMD LEDs
  • Dimmable:Dimmable or Non-Dimmable
  • Color Temperature:2800~6500K
  • CRI:Ra > 80
  • Net Weight: 9.5 KG
  • Gross Weight:10.7 KG
  • Installation Methods:Recessed / Suspended / Wall Mounted / Ceiling Mounted
  • Standard:CE FCC ROHS LVD
  • Warranty:3 years









Heat Dissipation Aluminum Shell

  • 100% of the aluminum frame,Excellent heat dissipation
    surface design,Smooth touch led panel rund .
    Frosted surface treatment,Smooth aluminum real color surface
    treatment, ivory white surface treatment are available.







Light Guide Plate

  • Use the industry brand ,high quality particles imported from Germany
    as raw material,the plate manufactured in Taiwan, remarkably uniform light
    distribution on the shiny surface ,the light is downy not dazzling,high light
    transmittance,no static electricity,don't absorb dust.









  • A super slim structure design,the thickness of the
    panel lights is only 10 mm.







Diffuser Plate of LED Panel Lights

  • Excellent chemical stability,thermal stability,light-admitting quality
    (light transmittance over 90%), strong refractivity and electrical insulating
    property. Excellent moisture proof performance,anti-static electricity and not easy
    to absorb dust.








Back plate

  • 100% aluminum material,good for heat dissipation,Blue
    protective film to prevent being scratched.







LED Brand Chips

  • South Korea's Samsung 5630SMD LEDs
    The chip size:42*27MIL







LED Brand Chips

  • Super bright Taiwan Epistar 2835SMD LEDs
    The chip size:10*30MIL








MEAN WELL Power Supply

  • Taiwan MEAN WELL Power Supply
    No Stroboscopic Design








LED Panel Light and Its Accessories

  • Outside power driver, High quality terminals ensure good contact.


  • Thickened foam inner package.
    Strong exported carton box to provide double security protection.


The Light Source Test Report of LED panel light


*Avoid minefields, strong magnetic field and high pressure field when installing the 600*1200 LED panel lighting.
*Ensure that the connection is secure and correct,to avoid short circuit in order not to damage components thus result in a fire.
*Before using the panel light, please check if the local voltage is suitable for the panel lights.
*Before connecting the panel lights to the power,check if the connection is correct or not,confirm there is no short circuit,and then it can be used.


This 60W 600*1200mm led panel lighting can be used to replace the traditional grill lamps and led tubes. energy saving up to 50% .easy installation ,long lifespan led panel rund . 

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